North Jacksonville Apartments for Rent


The city of Jacksonville has a lot to offer in its North Jacksonville neighborhoods and North Jacksonville apartments for rent are in great demand.

Some of the neighborhoods in North Jacksonville maintain the rural feel that they did many decades ago before they became part of the city of Jacksonville while other neighborhoods have grown significantly in the past three decades.  The North Jacksonville neighborhoods include about 50,000 people and 18,000 homes.  North Jacksonville has one of the fastest growth rates in Duval County and is a desirable place to live.

North Jacksonville has historic roots that have been well preserved and are integrated into 21st century life.  For example, one of the ball fields used by local leagues in Durkeville used to be home to the Jacksonville Red Caps, a team that was part of the Negro Leagues of Professional Baseball.

Recreational opportunities abound in North Jacksonville’s many parks.  Many of the neighborhood recreational facilities take advantage of the St. John’s River, Trout River, Intercoastal Waterway and other beautiful natural resources of the area.  The beaches of North Jacksonville are beautiful and typically less crowded than other, more widely known, beaches in the city.

The roadways, particularly the interstate system, make it easy for those living in North Jacksonville to commute to downtown Jacksonville.  The city is currently investing in master planning to ascertain the feasibility of demand for more executive housing in North Jacksonville neighborhoods.

There are plenty of excellent housing choices in North Jacksonville, whether you are looking for executive housing, home rentals, townhome rentals, condo rentals or apartment rentals.  Jacksonville, FL free rental finding agents specialize in finding the perfect property for each client.

Leasing Jacksonville is a free rental finding service in the Jacksonville area.  Each of our clients is matched with a Personal Rental Agent who takes all of the frustration out of finding a great rental. Our agents search our up to the minute database of available properties to find a good match based on the individual needs of each client.  They set up showings and complete all of the necessary paperwork when a client identifies the apartment, condo, home or townhome that they want.

Best of all we don’t charge our rental clients anything for our services. That means that you get to find the property that is right for you without the stress or expense of conducting the search yourself.

Leasing Jacksonville has successfully placed renters in many beautiful neighborhoods of North Jacksonville including near the rivers, beaches and magnificent parks.

If you are interested in living in North Jacksonville, or any other area Jacksonville, FL, please contact Leasing Jacksonville at 904-646-9900 for more information.  We look forward to welcoming you to Jacksonville!

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